Liz Glover Wilson



Offering weekly classes, private and group sessions, workshops+retreats

I am passionate about what I do.

Call today and book private or group session with liz (or someone from her fabulous team at Stone wave yoga)

1-on-1 instruction
OR groups of 2 or more
Also available for larger group sessions, such as corporate or private events, celebrations and retreats.

We will talk in advance about what works best for your needs or the needs of your group.

Yoga - customized sequencing for all levels; from beginners to advanced

Yoga Foundations - brand new to yoga? learn more about the foundations in private sessions

Trauma Senstive Yoga - injured? recovering from a surgery or a life change? be ‘loved’ through the gentle process of trauma senstive yoga

Prenatal Yoga - enjoy a customized guided experience. Doctors ‘okay’ is required

Reiki - incorporating reiki into the practice to help provide deeper relaxation and healing is available

Meditation - can be incorporated into any session

Retreats - customized single or multi-day wellness and art retreats

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