Liz Glover Wilson
If you seek peace, be still. If you seek wisdom, be silent. If you seek love, be yourself.
— Becca Lee

I believe

I believe.
I believe in you. Really, I do!
I believe that you have loads of potential.
I believe that you can be your best self.
I believe you sometimes just need some grace.
I believe that you can do (more) great things.
I believe you can make a positive impact.



I am deeply committed to the art of self-discovery and healing. I am equally committed to being available to help others find their inner peace, calming breath and ability to self heal.
— Liz Glover Wilson

Weekly Classes
Private + Group Sessions
Workshops + Retreats

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Vinyasa (beginner to advanced), Yoga Foundations, Trauma Senstive Yoga,
Prenatal Yoga, Family Yoga, Kids Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative, Couples, Vision boarding, Reiki, Meditation, Christian oriented yoga

More on Workshops, Retreats with Liz HERE:

Join Liz at an upcoming workshop or retreat.
Also, available to facilitate larger group sessions, such as corporate or private events, celebrations and customized retreats




Because something so beautiful inside should not die
— Esther Sanzo

The non-profit: Sunflower Art Studios
Inspired by Esther’s love

Inspired by my sister Esther’s love, I started a non-profit in 2015.

She left this world in 2012 and left me with a renewed commitment to bring accessiblity to the arts for all. Expression is freedom.
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Learn more about Sunflower Art Studios -
a non-profit committed to brining visibility and accessiblity to the arts in the hudson valley.

Learn more about Art+Me HERE




Vision is powerful and so is timing. Sometimes we can see something so clearly, but we have to find our way first.
— Liz Glover Wilson

The Wellness Center: Stone Wave Yoga

Stone Wave - A Wellness, Art and Yoga Center
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